How to understand Pantone U and C?

Pantone color U & C

A new customer offered Pantone color C for graphic overlay with matt surface, it is not correct. He should offer Pantone color U for matt surface and Pantone color C for glossy surface.

Please check attached Pantone color card No. 877 U and 877 C, it is clear that 877 U has matt surface and 877 C has glossy surface.

In Pantone color system, “Coated” refers to coated paper, which is glossy and absorb less ink, while “Uncoated” refers to uncoated paper, which is Matt and absorb more ink.

In membrane switch industry, UV coated PET (except Autoflex EBG) or PC usually have Matt, fine or velvet finish.

Therefore, Pantone color U is used for uncoated paper with matt surface or for UV coated PC or PET (except Autoflex EBG) with matt durface; Pantone color C is used for coated paper with matt glossy surface and for uncoated PC or PET with glossy surface.