As graphic overlay materials, PET has to be from Britain Autotype brand, while PC can be from both GE LAXAN brand or domestic (China) brand.

  1. PET from domestic (China) brand has not the same sand surface as Britain Autotype PET has.
  2. Domestic sand surface can not resist scratch as Autotype PET can,
  3. ink can not be fixed on domestic PET very well.

Due to above 3 reason, domestic PET can not take the place of Autotype PET as graphic overlay material.

Domestic PC can take the place of GE LAXAN PC as graphic overlay as it has not above problems. In China market, GE LAXAN PC has the similar cost as domestic PC has. At present, we use both GE LAXAN PC and domestic PC as graphic overlay material, and we will inform our customer PC‘s brand when we make offer.