Customer Care

Following are frequently asked questions or mistakes from our customers:

  1. What are your standard lead time for samples and formal order?
    10-15 days after your payment reaches us. There is express time of 5 days. So you are guessed to receive the samples or products with 3 or 4 weeks after you send order to us.
  2. How about package?
    Package materials covers plastic bags, bubble sheet and paper carton, gross weight for each carton is less than 15 kg, which makes sure the package can stand rough handling during international express.
  3. What is good quality and what is bad quality for membrane switch?
    color: quality membrane switch has bright and beautiful colors which match those on Pantone color (or PAL) card or color sample that customer appoint; poor quality membrane switch has uncomfortable colors which do not match what customer appoint.
    grasping the edge of membrane switch: feeling stiff is for good quality; feeling soft is poor quality.
    silver circuitry quality after one year’s use: silver circuitry will not change for good quality; becoming perishing result in open or broken circuitry for poor quality.
  4. Should I select PC or PET as graphic overlays for membrane switch?
    If you have an application for < 50000 actuations, polycarbonate is a good choice; otherwise polyester is the material of choice. Tactile keys made of polyester as overlay can be actuated over 1,000,000 times without showing signs of wear.

Mistakes from our customers:

Mistake 1: Offer Pantone Color No. C for sand surface
Customer should offer Pantone Color No. U for sand surface and Pantone Color No. C for glossy surface.

Mistake 2: Closed frame line is less than 4 mm from the outer edge off the membrane.

Printing tooling has error of 0.2 mm, closed frame line is difficult to be centered and is prohibited, but interrupted line can avoid the error and is permitted, as we can print interrupted lines separately.

Mistake 3: Use ZIF connector with slip clock as Interface connector.

That will damage silver circuit on the tail, the contact between ZIF connector and membrane switch’s silver tail will fail soon. That can only be used for FPC tail. correct connector please refer to

Mistake 4: Bending membrane switch sharply when assembling.

As LEDs are glued on screen printed flex circuit, bending may damage the contact between LEDs and circuitry and cause blind lamp; that also may cause broken metal domes inside.

Mistake 5: rip the membrane switch off the holding panel and repeat gluing

That may cause metal domes inside damaged by losing elasticity.